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Hatena☆Illusion Poster

Air Time
Thursday - 14:00 UTC - JPN
Thursday - 14:30 UTC - SUB
*Converted to your time

Release Date
09 Jan 2020 14:30

Light Novel
Episode Length
24 min


Makoto Shiranui, a boy who travels to Tokyo seeks to become the apprentice of Mamoru Hoshisato, a world-famous magician and friend of his parents. Ever since he had watched a show by Mamoru and his wife Maive, he had dreamed of being a magician. Their daughter Kana (nicknamed Hatena) has been Makoto's friend since childhood. Even though Tokyo has had a rash of burglaries by a beautiful woman thief, Makoto can rest easy as long as Hatena is there. When he arrives at the Hoshisato residence, a haunted mansion, the family butler Jeeves and the maid Emma greet him, and he is reunited with Hatena, only to find out that they don't really get along now.

(Source: ANN)
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