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Kanata no Astra Poster

Air Time
Wednesday - 12:00 UTC - JPN
Wednesday - 13:30 UTC - SUB
*Converted to your time

Release Date
03 Jul 2019 12:00

Episode Length
24 min

Kanata no Astra

Episode 12 is a 1 hour long special airing four hours later than normal (4 PM UTC)

The year is 2061, when space travel is now possible and commercially viable, and the students of Caird High School embark on their Planet Camp.

But soon after Group B5 arrived at their planetary camp site, a mysterious and unforeseen sentient light sphere warps its 9 members into outer space, stranding them 5012 light years away from their home planet.

With the discovery of an old, unmanned spaceship nearby, the students must stay strong, manage their limited resources and remain united in the darkness of space, so that all of them can survive their long and likely perilous trek back home aboard the Astra.

(Source: Batoto)
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